The Alhambra Experimental Workshop (AEW) started in 2006 The aim of this meeting is to offer young faculty and PhD students who are close to finishing their dissertations an opportunity to present their current research in a forum attended by senior researchers in the field.

  • AEW 2013, Rome (chair: Giovanni Ponti)
  • AEW 2012, Granada (chair: Praveen Kujal)
  • AEW 2011, Granada (chair: Nikos Georgantzís)
  • AEW 2010, Granada (chair: Aurora García)
  • AEW 2009, Granada (chair: Fernanda Rivas)
  • AEW 2008, Granada (chair: Pablo Brañas)
  • AEW 2007, Granada (chair: Antoni Bosch)
  • AEW 2006, Sevilla (chair: Javier Rodero)


The Southern Experimental Economics Team (SEET) Meeting takes place annually since 2010. The aim of this meeting is to promote active interaction among senior and junior researchers of a broad range of disciplines, who investigate individual and collective decision making in theoretical and experimental framework..

  • SEET 2014, Sesimbra (chair: Deborah Meloso)
  • SEET 2013, Tenerife (chair: Natalia Jiménez)
  • SEET 2012, Lanzarote (chair: Jaromir Kovarík)
  • SEET 2011, Agadir (chair: Praveen Kujal)
  • SEET 2010, Marrakesch (chair: Maria Paz Espinosa)